take a trip Take a trip among cities, people and cultures. Wander between great historical moments that defined humanity and modern struggles for human rights. Cities are ideas. The man is the same everywhere, with similar problems, passions and demands, in past and in present times. Traveling is a unique experience for each one, personalized and universal at the same time.

“Take a trip” is a poetic documentary. So far it has won sixteen awards at international festivals and more than forty official entries, as well as viewings in movie theaters in several countries.take a trip A
We watch in big screen a trip to London and at the same time we listen to an inspired monologue, like an internal search. Streets, buildings, people, the energy of the capital, are all perfectly complemented by exceptional original music and high level of photography.

Speech, image and music are in supplemental action and create a documentary that motivates and makes us think “outside the box”.
The narration is poetic and philosophical with a sense of humor at the same time. The traveler gives us the ticket to move among countries and within us.The paradox of projecting historical events that stigmatized London and Europe contrasts with the very personal concerns and daily life of the ordinary modern man.Through the eyes of deeply inspired creators, an avant-garde masterpiece is born.“Take a trip “is an intelligent creative puzzle that redefines documentary as a piece of art. Guides on this trip are Christos Karakasis and Vasiliki Kappa, both artists and creators with a wide range of studies and long careers.Christos Karakasis is an award-winning director and producer, creator of many films having participations in international festivals, with the most recent awards for “Take a trip”.Vasiliki Kappa is a visual artist and award-winning novelist. Her series of paintings “Invisible cities” which have a long and successful course in galleries in many countries, were a reference point for the narrative she wrote for the film. Her book “Take a trip to the invisible cities” inspired by the film is available in English language by Kouinta Publications.“Take a trip” continues its journey around the world with important participations in international festivals.

nazi stopDirector of Photography: George Devon, Dionysios Dimas, Christos N. Karakasis
Music Composition: Gregory Giarelis
Assistant Director-Sound Recording: Nikos Psaltakis
Production Assistant: Maria Kappa
Text- Narration: Vasiliki Kappa
Screenplay - Direction: Christos N. Karakasis
Production: KOYINTA Film Company
Partner-Co-Manufacturer-Distribution: Tickets Company Tickets


Written by Irene Lilakou


MOVIE AWARDS   Take a trip  2020-21

International Documentary Festival of Epirus (West Side Mountains Doc fest BEST Direction Award and Best Music Award

INDO-GLOBAL International Film Festival 2020 Best cinematography

Europe Film Festival EFFUK London  Best Editing

KIMFF Internationa Film Festival  BEST Short Documentary

PIMFF International Film Festival  BEST Short Documentary

Accord Cine Fest  Best Documentary

Rome International Movie Awards Best Featurette  Documentary

international competition Awards Event London Best Director Award

Point Of View Indie Film Awards Best Documentary

Continental Film Awards – CFA  Best European Documentary

Best Indie Film Award   London, England E1 4UJ United Kingdom

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival Honor  Mention

Best Indie Short Documentary UK Best Documentary -Best Director Award

Best Documentary  New York Tri-State International Film Festival